What’s the Best Scrub Style for Your Body Type?

An Overview of Scrub Styles and How They Relate to Different Body Types

Many women have become all too familiar with the various categories by which designers attempt to describe their body types. From “apples” to “pears” and from “square” to “triangles,” trying to select the right clothing for your shape can be an overwhelming prospect.

Although women often use one or more of these systems to shop for casual or dressy clothes at various retailers, did you know you can also shop for scrubs based on your body type? The somewhat “shapeless” nature of many scrubs may seem to render such strategies unnecessary, but the reality may surprise you.

The Evolution of Scrubs

Scrubs once consisted of one major “body shape:” a masculine, square t-shirt shape and baggy, elastic-waist pants. However, in recent years medical apparel manufacturers have responded to the diverse needs of healthcare personnel by creating a stunning variety of scrubs in many shapes and sizes.

No longer must petite women “swim” in oversized scrubs, nor fuller-figured women struggle to find scrubs that accommodate their curves. By identifying your body type among four no-nonsense categories, you can pinpoint which scrubs will provide the best comfort and complement.

The Four Body Types

Based on the most common distributions of weight, the following four body types approximate the needs of most women shopping for clothing. To determine your type, examine yourself unclothed in a full-length mirror and consider which most applies to you.

Type 1 Bodies

The first body type characterizes itself with a large chest and broad shoulders, which represent the widest part of a woman’s figure. One of the main wardrobe challenges for women with this shape is creating balance without adding bulk. When selecting scrubs, consider the following styling tips, including:

  • Avoid tight tops. Too much snugness around the chest and shoulders is not only uncomfortable; it imposes an unflattering effect.
  • Eschew baggy tops. It may be tempting to choose oversized scrub tops to accommodate your curves, but this makes for an untidy look. Instead, try a “wrap” top with a V-neck to create a more streamlined silhouette. This top by Barco Scrubs adds a flared hem for additional balance.

Choose the right pants. Don’t feel as though you need to wear baggy pants to add bulk at the bottom. Instead, choose scrub pants that fit well and aren’t tight.

Type 2 Bodies

Also referred to as a “pear shape,” the second body type consists of narrow shoulders and a concentration of weight in the lower half of the body, including the hips and thighs. A common difficulty for women with this shape is a disparity between the sizes they wear on the top and bottom. Fortunately, the mix-and-match nature of scrubs eliminates this problem!

If you consider yourself a Type 2, perfect your work look by selecting scrubs such as:

  • Dark bottoms. Solid colors such as black, navy, and eggplant slim the frame.
  • Patterned tops. To draw attention upwards, choose a colorful top with an attractive pattern. Scoop-neck or boat neck tops create the illusion of a straighter figure as well.
  • Hip-length jackets. Chasing away the winter chill becomes easy and flattering with a scrub jacket that hits at the hip.

Type 3 Bodies

Women with slim, athletic frames and narrow torsos embody the third body type. Although this shape can be easier to dress in many ways, Type 3s may experience the desire to appear curvier. Fortunately, the right wardrobe choices can create this illusion.

Layers. Straight-framed women can add multiple pieces of clothing to add volume      where they want it most.

  • Feminine details. Ruching, puff sleeves, and other ladylike embellishments fill out sharp angles and create the impression of softness.
  • Flared pants. Pants that fit closely at the top and gradually expand in width add greater dimension to slim figures.Type 4 BodiesOnce commonly known as an “hourglass figure,” the fourth body type comprises a narrow waist and a curvier bust and hips. This can be a particularly challenging figure to dress, as pants that fit in the waist are often too tight in the hips, and tops that fit the bust become too baggy at the waist.New scrub designs address these difficulties magnificently, offering customized fit and style.


  • Scrub options for Type 4 bodies include:
  • Small-print tops. Shirts with subtle patterns beautifully enhance the wearer’s shape, drawing attention to areas she wants to enhance and detracting from those she would like to downplay.
  • Flared or straight-leg pants. Creating a straight line from the hip to the floor makes for a streamlined silhouette and a more flattering fit.
  • Nipped waists. Scrub tops and jackets alike come with more defined waists, accentuating the narrowest part of the body and providing a uniform with a “like a glove” fit.

Additional Tips for the Best-Fitting Scrubs

Despite shopping for your body type, you may still face challenges in getting the right fit for your unique shape. When this happens, it may be time to get creative. Ideas for further scrub customization include:

Tailoring. If you find a top or pants simply don’t exist to accommodate your shape, consider taking your favorite items to a tailor to have certain areas taken in or stretch panels added where you need additional room.

  • Additional layers underneath. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath a scrub top not only provides warmth, but it helps create a different shape without adding bulk.
  • Undergarments. If you only need a slight adjustment to your frame, a minimizer bra or control undergarment may provide the compression you need to feel confident in your scrubs. However, these should under no circumstances interfere with your comfort or ability to do your job.

As you seek out scrub styles to play up your favorite features and conceal the rest, remember that the most important aspect of your work wardrobe is how you feel about it. Choose scrubs in colors and shapes you like, and you’re sure to feel comfortable and confident throughout every shift. Check out new arrivals at Everyday Uniforms to find your new favorite!

 Which details do you look for in your scrubs to highlight your best assets?

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