9 Basic Tips for a Stylish Office Scrubs Look

How to Look Stylish and Professional in Scrubs

Working in the medical field, whether at a vet, dental, or doctor’s office, means one thing in the fashion world: scrubs. They’re a wardrobe staple for most medical employees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and professional at the same time. Although scrubs once held the reputation of being baggy or dowdy, updated designs have elevated these wardrobe essentials to a new level.

But how can medical professionals choose the right scrubs, accessories, and other elements to help them project a polished image? Read on to discover the secrets of the most stylish nurses, medical assistants, and physicians.

Why Presentation is Important

As a busy professional working night and day to keep patients alive and thriving, you may wonder why your appearance is so important. Although performing your work duties safely and efficiently is your top priority, looking your best can contribute to your performance in several ways:

• Credibility.

Like it or not, patients, their families, and your coworkers are likely to judge your competency based on your appearance. If you look as though you haven’t taken care to appear clean and put-together, others may question whether you will use the same lack of diligence while working with patients.

With regards to coworkers and management, consider the possibility that your professional appearance (or lack thereof) could make the miniscule difference in whether you receive career benefits, such as promotions. The appearance of staff members also reflects on the quality of a medical facility in general.

• Safety.

Proper hygiene, well-fitting scrubs, and unobtrusive accessories and hairstyles all play a role in your safety and that of your patients.

• Self-esteem.

Many medical professionals spend so much time thinking of others that they forget to take care of themselves. By setting aside a minimal amount of time and effort, you can treat yourself with the level of attention you normally reserve for your patients.

If you find one or more of these reasons compelling, you are ready to begin working towards a more stylish aesthetic!

How to Maintain a Professional and Stylish Appearance in Scrubs

Individuals wearing scrubs to work often have the advantage of comfort; these uniforms can often feel like wearing pajamas. However, mistaking them as such is a quick way to look and behave unprofessionally.
As you prepare for work each day, a few considerations can help you make rounds in style, including:

1. Keep hair styled up and away from the face. Whatever your gender or hair length, make sure to pull it away from your face into a braid, ponytail, or chignon. This keeps strands from falling into patients’ faces or becoming contaminated by bodily fluids. It also feels better during a particularly busy shift.

2. Wear minimal jewelry. If you choose to wear jewelry, always adhere to any policies set forth by your employer regarding lengths or materials. In addition, eschew any accessories that will hang over patients, get caught in machinery, or otherwise prevent you from performing your duties effectively. Earrings should be of the “stud” type, rather than hoops or other dangling designs.

3. Choose seasonal and flattering colors and patterns. Unless your facility requires employees to wear specific colors or styles of scrubs, feel free to let your creativity flow when shopping for work apparel. Brands such as Cherokeeand Greys Anatomy offer a wide array of scrubs in colors and prints to suit any style or complexion, as well as seasonal items – such as jackets – to wear during holidays or colder weather.

4. Conceal body art. Whether or not your employer has a policy regarding tattoos and body piercings, it is a good idea to keep them covered up while at work. Although most people may not be offended by such embellishments, your goal is to make patients and their families as comfortable as possible. By covering tattoos with shirts or makeup and removing or concealing piercings, you can prevent potential distractions.

5. Wear suitable undergarments. Not only should medical personnel always wear undergarments, but they can enhance their comfort and appearance by wearing the right fit and fabric. Myriad types of undergarments exist for people of all body types, such as sports bras, seamless underwear, and shorts. Sweat-wicking microfiber and other soft materials prevent chafing and present a solid foundation for your work wardrobe.

6. Wear well-fitting scrubs. Does your wardrobe contain scrubs that are too small, large, or ill-fitting? Do yourself a favor and donate them. Then go shopping for tops and bottoms that will flatter and fit you well, giving you a neater and more streamlined appearance.

7. Keep scrubs in good condition. Scrubs are designed to be easy-care, which means you can usually machine wash and dry them many times before they begin to wear out. However, you can increase their life and vibrancy by using gentle detergents, and drying on the lowest temperature setting possible. Remove them from the dryer and fold or hang promptly so they won’t become wrinkled.

8. Pay attention to footwear. When it comes to medical work attire, the main priority for footwear must be comfort and mobility. Fortunately, an increasingly diverse array of stylish shoe options are available for professionals on their feet all day. Whether you opt for a tried-and-true sneaker or a trendy slip-on, keep shoes clean and in good repair. When they begin to crack, fray, or otherwise wear out, retire them from your work wardrobe.

9. Perfect your color-matching skills. When combining tops and bottoms, aim for a balanced look. For instance, try pairing a neutral piece with a brighter one, or treat blue scrub bottoms as “jeans.” Colleagues and patients alike will appreciate your style savvy.

As you work towards creating a more intentional work look, don’t forget to have fun and infuse each outfit with your individual style. You’re lucky to wear scrubs to work; make the most of it!

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What are your favorite ways to express your personal style in scrubs?

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