The Benefits of Implementing a Uniform Policy in Your Business

Advantages of Uniforms in the Workplace

After graduating from secondary school, most people figured they would never have to wear a uniform again. While you may be wary of implementing a uniform policy into your company culture, it may be beneficial for more than one reason. Aside from promoting branding and a sense of community, it will also lead to higher sales, higher customer satisfaction, and a more successful business. Read on for a few of the many benefits that uniforms bring to a business.

  1. Consistency: Having an employee uniform creates consistency among workers, which serves multiple purposes. Consistent dress for all employees means that any dress code policies can be easily enforced, customers and clients remember your company and have a better impression of workers, and employees are on more equal footing.

2. Customer satisfaction: Uniforms are a staple in most customer service-oriented jobs. This is because uniforms allow a customer to differentiate employees from other store patrons, providing them with the best and most efficient service; further, seeing uniformed employees in an establishment also makes customers feel more comfortable and secure, providing them with a better overall experience.

Customers also take away a better impression of a company if the employees present a consistent front. Finally, customers are able to more easily communicate and interact with multiple employees when they quickly identify them through their uniform. Essentially, the image of the company and the uniforms become the dominating impression, eclipsing the identity of each individual employee.

3. Safety: Uniforms easily set employees apart from customers and clients, and allow for easy identification of an employee in the case of an emergency. Uniforms are also quick indicators of authorized personnel, and can prevent breaches of security. There are also many uniforms that are required for the purposes of safely performing a job.Uniforms for civil servants in dangerous positions often have safety features, as do uniforms for welders, construction workers, and others. Helmets, gloves, and suits made of fire retardant material are very important in any job that requires the employee work with high heat or heavy objects. Scrubs, like Cherokee workwear and NRG scrubs, are required uniforms of doctors and nurses, needed to protect both the doctor and the patient from spreading infection.

4. Branding: Branding is important for any business as it promotes one standard visual image that becomes associated with a company. Uniforms promote branding as well as any commercial or billboard. When one thinks of the fast food restaurant McDonalds, they think of the “golden arches” – the giant gold letter “M”. This is no accident.McDonalds has worked hard to promote that image, putting it front and center on all of their food wrappers and containers, employee shirts and visors, and on every sign and billboard advertising their company. There is not a person in America who would not recognize that golden “M” for what it represents, and that is in part due to McDonald’s use of employee uniforms as branding tools.

5. Equality: When everyone has to wear the same outfit, it become much more difficult for employees to show off their wealth or good fortune through what they wear. Uniforms promote a sense of equality and unity in the workplace, placing everyone at the same level. Uniforms take away the ability for employees to dress better than others in an effort to show their status and place themselves above their coworkers.

6. Responsibility: Wearing a uniform creates a sense of responsibility as employees take ownership of their position as a formal company representative. Just as police officers in uniform have a duty to act according to their position and present a good image for the police force, uniformed employees of any company have a duty to conduct themselves appropriately. When an employee puts on his or her uniform, he is making a conscious decision to represent his or her workplace, and will be more likely to act respectfully and responsibly to uphold and promote their company’s good name.

7. Pride: For some companies, a worker must earn the right to wear their uniform and represent their company, by putting in hard work, following all policies and procedures, and being a productive member of the company. If you are a dedicated employee and you believe strongly in the goals and purposes of your organization, your uniform should give you pride. Not only pride in your own efforts for becoming part of the team you so admire, but also pride in the overall endeavors and success of the company.

8. Time saver: One reason that you as an employee might like wearing a uniform is because it saves you time and stress about your appearance. There is no need to worry about what you are going to wear to work when you have a designated uniform, and the time that might be spent choosing and coordinating an outfit can be better spent doing preparing for the workday.

9. Money saver: Uniforms are cost effective, and provide a financial incentive for potential employees to join your workforce. When there is no need to worry about what you will wear to work, shopping costs drop, leaving employees with more money to spend, save, or invest how they wish.

While a company may not be able to afford to offer their employees entirely free uniforms, they could offer the uniforms at discounted prices, still saving their employees money. Further, employees can often claim tax exemptions for clothes purchased as part of their uniform.

If you are an employee of a company that is thinking about instating a uniform policy, don’t be upset. In truth this will simplify your life, make your company more successful, and perhaps even raise your salary. The sense of community and camaraderie between you and your coworkers will be strengthened, and relationships with customers will likely improve. If you are looking for a place to purchase medical uniforms, look no farther than Everyday Uniforms. We carry many different brands of scrubs, including NRG scrubs, Cherokee workwear, and more. We also carry shoes and any other medical clothing accessories that you might need. Contact Everyday Uniforms today to find your new work uniform.

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